Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Blog, 

Hello. . it has been a while right? I know. . I know. . but I am here now. 
Since July 2011. . this has been my new obsession and love. . I started up a new business and have to say. . it is pretty fantastic. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I discovered today. .

For some simplistic reason, I love this toy. It reaches out to the inner child and mathematician.

I also purchased a book on textile design.


Softly, gently I arise, never to certain, only when I am self-assured of the entirety. Often back stepping in that familiar mess I am aware of, swimming forward and floating in a pool of conscience, the water is cool, the noise familiar, my head falls into the deep, my body relaxes and I go. I am lost in the divine happiness of isolation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My eyes ache.
Maybe I haven’t seen enough
Maybe I sleep too much
To avoid the rush
Avoid the void
So big I can’t even reach the other side of the problem
You pull me here
Then I push you there
I need the feeling
The one I created years back
When I knew I was in control of it all
Before I lost the directions back home
Wanting the space to fill
The sound to silence
The breeze to come
The cool to enter
Pour over me
Like I did before
Like you will once more

collide into chaos

I collide into chaos with a familiar strike, uncertainty I believe is an acquaintance. . I need to collect my conscious.
The evolving is slowly not involving much at all.
Restriction becomes resentment.
Choking on the desire to desire my skin escapes me and what remains is becoming neutral to the predicament.
Occasionally the sun shines through and reaches my tender longing skin and I radiate its current back to the universe, with a mighty power I let it run through me, become me, absorb my very essence until I need no more.
I simply need nothing more.

blue-lidded daughter of Sunset

Soaring through as I await, I aspire to catch up with fate? 
Astray are my words and I’m missing pages in this tragedy I scribed myself
My silver ink running dry before the final chapter and now, I am lost between the last act and the grand applause for an encore
A prophetess, at times too predictable, part of an original whole
Encompass the ordeals
All knowing, all seeing, all trying, and all failing
Loosing time some days, rushing between a calm pointed center and a controlled rage
I paint my eyes for a bloody war, but embrace the cataclysm of love raining down from the sky, I swallow it whole

Like an arithmetic overflow; divide, add, multiply and understand
I am Nuit and my word is six and fifty
What reasoning do I require, my purpose not inherent in your sphere, I am made of greater desire
My tools within me, stronger and stronger I grow
Patiently I wait until there is no more space to measure
I breathe deep and sink into the earth; I am the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset, the morning star